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June 2004
Editor's Note

Welcome to this edition of 'Words Words Words.' If this is your first visit, than please, enjoy yourself. Take a look around, subscribe to this quarterly annual literary tribute, and refresh your mind with brilliant new literary works of art, as well as the fine resources offered to anyone interested in the literary field.

This is the seventh issue of Words Words Words - lucky number seven.  And it is lucky: summer is here (my favorite season) and  it's peak time for poets and writers who are inspired by the sun's maturity, the rich green earth, and the warm summer nights.  If it weren't for inspiration like this there would never be any literary ezines like this one to peruse.

So on that pleasant note, I wish you a wonderful summer and hope that you receive all the inspiration you can handle.

In this issue get the scoop from the publisher's desk.  We've interviewed Joan Schweighardt of Greycore Press to find out the secrets every writer wants to know.

Of course we've included our usual poetry, stories, and reviews to satisfy the pallet of any literary buff.

Enjoy!  But first...

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'Words Words Words' - a quarterly annual literary ezine devoted to the art of the written word.
Each issue, released on the first of every September, December, March, and June, will be filled with articles, poetry, contests, and inspiration for writers, plus so much more.
'Words Words Words' supports the amateur writer's community and seeks to aid writers in their endeavors to become established.
We thank-you very much for taking an interest in our ezine and hope you come back regularly.


Marylin Houle,
Editor in Chief.

Like tear drops falling
From off of rosy red cheeks
Dew on the rose bush


Clad in a red dress
At her banquet in summer
Fully blossomed rose


The looming red eye
Among the sharp pricks below
The first rose in bloom

I was working on the proof of one of my poems all the morning, and took out a comma. In the afternoon I put it back again.

- Oscar Wilde (1854 - 1900)

Characters In A Romance Novel  
by Patty Apostolides

Before you even begin writing your novel, you need to know who your characters will be.
Minimally, you would want two major characters, the hero and the heroine. They will interact mostly with each other throughout the novel. How they interact with each other will determine the outcome of the story. Will they resist each other in the beginning of the story and by the end, fall in love? Or will they fall in love in the beginning of the story and then be driven apart by conflict? Once you’ve chosen them, then you need to decide what age they are...
(read the full article)


Drammens' Plot - From Nomads to the Valley of the Five Mountains: The seventh installement of The Lost Vale Series, a tale of fantasy and adventure, by Drammen Grunalf.

The Journal - Dreams: Working With Dreams For Creativity.

From the Publisher's Desk - an interview with Joan Schweighardt, Greycore Press

Go Ahead, Interview Your Characters - An article by Jerry Stamatelos concerning in-depth development of characterization

The Write Review - Quintessential-Careers: Indispensable Writing Resources for the literary professional.

A Son Called Gabriel - A review of the promising novel, written by Damian McNicholl.

Maurice Oliver - Poems: In Episode Six, Protagonist, Blindsight, and Strange Ceiling

Moonfyre - Poems: In Simple Words, The Gift, and Distortion

Gregg J. Donaldson - Poem: The Land Of The Midnight Sun

The Personality of Trains - another poetry series by Alexandre L. Amprimoz.

The Forest - Gigi George brings us into the depth of the woods with this descriptive poem - a perfect prelude to the summer months.

Corey Mesler - Poems The Winter of Our Disconnexion, Subjugator, We Are All Connected, and Religion

Donald Carroll - Poems: Without You and The Legacy

Debashish Haar - Poems: In the Mirage of an Insomniac Dream, Pearls Were the Priests, I Can See a Window Behind Your Face, Ink Burns, and Untitled

The Turn of the Rose - Another chilling short by Keith Chalmers, as he takes us into the mind of the disturbed.

At The Airport - A short story of love and loss by Tristan Burke

The Alleyway Terror - A very cute short by Amanda Brown

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