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December 2004
Editor's Note

Welcome to this edition of 'Words Words Words.' If this is your first visit, than please, enjoy yourself. Take a look around, subscribe to this quarterly annual literary tribute, and refresh your mind with brilliant new literary works of art, as well as the fine resources offered to anyone interested in the literary field.

I regret to announce that due to circumstances beyond our control, the Words Words Words Poetry Competition has been canceled. We do plan on having another contest, which will be announced in the near future. Please see the contests page for further details.

On a lighter, or, perhaps darker note, I'd like to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and a very enjoyable, cozy, cuddle-up-by-the-fire-place-with-a-blanket-and-a-good-book winter season!

'Words Words Words' - a quarterly annual literary ezine devoted to the art of the written word.
Each issue, released on the first of every September, December, March, and June, will be filled with articles, poetry, contests, and inspiration for writers, plus so much more.
'Words Words Words' supports the amateur writer's community and seeks to aid writers in their endeavors to become established.
We thank-you very much for taking an interest in our ezine and hope you come back regularly.


Marylin Houle,
Editor in Chief.

The Winter Stage

Icy mist arises in atmospheric splendor,
A bleak horizon sets the winter Stage.
The river now hardened by the winterís chill,
Replaces, once again, its emanation.

Frozen water droplets suspended in time
hang from trees heavy laden with snow,
Forgotten; waiting the new rebirthing.
For spring; the time of growth, of harmony with nature,
To cleanse away the collection of natureís spoils.

A day once together, a lifetime summoned apart -
Leave remnants between that cross over one's heart.
Like an old portrait, undusted and viewed,
This is my burden when every season renews.

The curtain falls as night descends
upon the barren landscape,
Bringing, once more, its cold, brutal winds.
Newly fallen snow laid to rest
in gigantic mounds of white,
Cover in ambiguous fascination, the Winter Stage.

Julie Grace

Beneath the rule of men entirely great, The pen is mightier than the sword.

- Edward Bulwer-Lytton

How to Outline your Book & Chapters with Mindmapping
by Judy Cullins

Mindmapping is better than linear outlining because authors can use flexible thinking and relativity in writing their book. One can add and subtract a thought or phrase from a mindmap easily. Use this color-coded way to outline your book and chapters... (read the full article)


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