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December 2003
Editor's Note

Welcome to this edition of 'Words Words Words.' If this is your first visit, than please, enjoy yourself. Take a look around, subscribe to this quarterly annual literary tribute, and refresh your mind with brilliant new literary works of art, as well as the fine resources offered to anyone interested in the literary field.

This issue of Words Words Words introduces a special addition to our growing literary resources: the long awaited WWW Publications Website has finally launched, and with its debut comes the very first Words Words Words Annual Poetry Competition!

Words Words Words Publications is a brand new literary media resource site that offers services such as editorial consultation, ghost writing, and web site design.

I'd like to invite you to take a look and see what it's all about, but before you do, please allow me to tell you a little more about this new poetry competition:

The goal of this competition is to gather the best poetry from poets around the world and piece it together in a print anthology.  Once the contest closes, the best poems will be selected and published in the anthology, and prizes will be given to the top three poets for outstanding work.

Well, don't just sit there, go see what it's all about!

'Words Words Words' - a quarterly annual literary ezine devoted to the art of the written word.
Each issue, released on the first of every September, December, March, and June, will be filled with articles, poetry, contests, and inspiration for writers, plus so much more.
'Words Words Words' supports the amateur writer's community and seeks to aid writers in their endeavors to become established.
We thank-you very much for taking an interest in our ezine and hope you come back regularly.


Marylin Houle,
Editor in Chief.

Fog Likely Next 8 Miles

We trudge upward in
thin rain which lifts--
and becomes the cloud itself.

Snow rubs its itch--
one side shadow, one side bright
on trees and scrubs the peaks,

rubs like a cat in heat.
Powdered evergreens, stolid as buffalo
stand sentinel at park shoulders.

We slide past looming icicles
as sharp as dragon teeth. Wearing
Wool over cotton, loosely layered,

we feel needles underneath.
Roaring snow levels with us,
stings us up the plowed path.

Our eyelashes freeze
as the sun drops between
the earth and sky.

Beebe Barksdale

I shall live badly if I do not write, and I shall write badly if I do not live.

- Francoise Sagan


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